There has been continuous demand from members of the public particularly the government servants who are keen to avail credit facilities under an easy payment scheme through salary deduction and credit co-operatives have a pivotal role to play in providing such schemes in the light of the loan shark menace threatening the fabric of society, co-operatives members themselves not excluded.

Jabatan Pembangunan Koperasi (JPK) is encouraging Co-operatives to provide credit facilities directly to its members by using either their own or if the need arises borrowed funds.


  1. The personal loan credit scheme is marketed to all eligible government servants pursuant to the co-operative’s object of promoting the economic interests of its members in accordance to co-operative principles and practices.
  2. There are four (4) main departments under the Personal Loan Credit Scheme Division to facilitate the operations of the above scheme.
  • Operations Department
    • Implementation, administration and supervision of procedures and guidelines
    • Documentation
  • Sales and Marketing Department
    • Recruitment and appointment of marketing personnel
    • Training and motivation
    • Promotion
    • Setting monthly and yearly sales target / budget
    • Marketing strategies
    • Market information and reports
    • Assessment on sale performances
  • Credit / Processing Department  
    • Processing and scrutinizing of application forms
    • Credit checking
    • Approval and rejection of application forms
    • Deduction arrangements
    • Membership registration
  • Servicing / Recovery Department
    • Customer service
    • Review on monthly collections
    • Regular monitoring and activating non-performing accounts
    • Liaising with solicitors on recovery matters
    • Visiting defaulters and guarantors and their department heads
    • To generate periodical reports on the performances of the department for management review


All applications must be submitted using Koperasi Perdanajaya Malaysia Berhad application forms. The completed forms should be forwarded to Koperasi Perdanajaya Malaysia Berhad together with relevant documents and details. EMPLOYER must certify all photostated copies of documents. Copies to be enclosed:-

Applicant & Guarantor

a) NRIC 3 copies (Enclose renewal slip if new I.C. not collected yet)

b) Current pay slip 3 copies (Inclusive of original) 


(a) Loan Amount Minimum RM2,000.00 to maximum RM50,000.00
(b) Borrower Members Age 18 years to 54 years
(c) Loan Repayment Tenure 12 months to 120 months
(d) Mode of Repayment Salary Deduction through ANGKASA
(e) Minimum Salary of Borrower Member (including fixed allowances) RM600.00 per month
(f) Status of Employment Permanent
(g) Membership Conditions (a) Borrower Member :-
i) Purchase RM100.00 minimum share capital
ii) Pay one time entrance fee of RM10.00
iii) Contribute minimum RM20.00 as compulsory monthly subscriptions/savings

(b) Guarantor Member :- (where applicable)
i) Subscribe RM20.00 as minimum contribution towards minimum share capital of RM100.00
ii) Pay one time entrance fee of RM10.00
(h) Interest Rate

10% p.a. (flat)

(i) Other charges

(i) Processing Fee
(ii) Insurance Levy / Premium / Guarantee Fee
(iii) 2 Months Upfront Instalment Deposit
(iv) ANGKASA Charges


The personal loan credit scheme provided by co-operatives has been proven to be commercially viable besides fulfilling the retail credit needs of its members as access to quick hassle free credit to the working class has never given top priority by the established financial institutions, citing lack of profitability and not cost-effective as reasons for their declining such facilities. Co-operatives therefore have a moral and social obligation to bridge this huge retail credit needs and availability/access.

However, the effectiveness and profitability of the personal loan credit operations is primarily dependent on the continued financing of the scheme, which requires consistent and constant funding to meet the rising needs, expectations and demands of discerning co-operative members for credit facilities and services.

The future of this scheme is very encouraging and with proper marketing strategies, Koperasi Perdanajaya Malaysia Berhad shall be well poised to play a prominent and leadership role in micro/retail credit financing in the country.

For more information on our Personal Loan Credit Scheme, please contact:

Manager Credit Division
Lot 1A Jalan 51A/223A Off Jalan Utara
Kawasan Perindustrian Petaling Jaya (51A)
46100 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 03-7954 2866 / 9866
Fax: 03-7955 0866

Note: The word Borrower, Applicant, Member or Customer shall refer to the same person who is an individual member of Koperasi Perdanajaya Malaysia Berhad.

* The terms, conditions, guidelines and procedures outlined hereinbefore are by no means exhaustive and shall be subject to change from time to time at the discretion of Board of Koperasi Perdanajaya Malaysia Berhad.


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